The amazing world of herbs-what a way to help your family remedy some health problems inexpensively and less drastically. There are a lot of "testimonies" on the web re Essiac tea for suppressing cancer,milk thistle for helping liver damage,echincea,garlic,tumeric,cayenne,cogen10,IP-6,Pau D'arco,flaxseed oil,selenum,oliver leaf extract for immune boosting. There will probably growing emphasis focussing on immune boosting to return body to health. More people are turning to St.John's Wort or hypericum,Kava Kava,Passionflower,etc or homeopathic products such as Sedulia,Ignatia Amara,or Rescue Remedy for anxiety,stress and depression. I have specifically looked for sites that contain research-Another problem is that all herb companies aren't equal-some of their products are inferior. I am including a cursory list of some herbs and their "supposed properties. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH
    Immune boosters
  1. Astragalus Root-immune booster
  2. Cat's Claw-immune booster,antiinflammatory,organic depression
  3. echinacea-immune boosting
  4. goldenseal-immune boosting-antifungal
  5. licorice
  6. green tea-immune boosting
  7. olive leaf extract-immune boosting-antibiotic-antiviral-antibacterial
  8. American Ginseng-general stimulant properties
  9. Cinnamon-aids other herbs-digestive aid-anti infection-digestive aid
  10. Alfalfa Leaves-all around good-also diuretic properties-antifungal agent
  11. Suma-helps some cancer
  12. Ginkgo Biloba-herbal enabler besides many other properties
  13. baical skullcap (or scute)-antibacterial
  14. Red clover-toxic cleanser
    Infection etc
  1. Garlic
  2. goldenseal root-anti fungal,bacterial and protozoa
  3. Myrrh Gum-mouth and sinus
  4. grapeseed extract--microorganism fighter
  5. anamu-possible protects cells but couldn't find any research
  6. zinc
  7. grapeseed
  8. flaxseed oil
    Bones and Joints
  1. Oat Straw-possibly helps to build up and strengthen bones
  2. Devils Claw -possibly for arthritis-anti inflamatory
  3. Feverfew Herb-antiimmflamatory-also used for migraines
  4. White Willow Bark -anti imflammatory-pain-not for cats!
    Constipation and bowels and kidneys and liver
  1. Oat Straw-possibly helps prevent stones-also possible antidepressant
  2. Burdock Root-may strengthen kidneys,diuretic-may help skin-stimulate digestive enyzmes-blood purifier
  3. Alfalfa Leaves-diuretic
  4. Catnip-may help to clean and heal lower bowel
  5. Buckthrorn Bark-cleansing liver and constipation and digestion
  6. Cascara Sagrada-chronic constipation-digestion
  7. Chaparral Leaf -cleansing bowels-possibly inhibits tooth decay-antioxidant
  8. Dandelion Root-detoxes liver-diuretic
  9. Eyebright-detoxes liver-also recommended for eye conditions
  10. Licorice Root -liver-laxative-endocrine system-expectorant-anti-inflammatory-ie natural cortisone
  11. Goldenseal
  12. Saw Palmetto Berry-diuretic-gaining prominence in prostrate treatment
  13. Slippery elm-
  14. foti=general rejuvenator
    Heart and circulation
  1. Blessed Thistle -may also increase appetite
  2. Hawthorn Berries-possibly helpful for insomnia-diuretic-heart
  1. Damiana-nervousness-also possibly urinary problems
  2. kava kava-also possibly pain reliever for nerve-relieves stress after trauma
  3. Hops-mild sedative-also good for liver and bladder ailments-externally good for skin irritations
    wound healing
  1. gotu kola
    Mucuous and demulcents
  1. Fenugreek -helps expel mucuous
  2. Coltsfoot-demulcent-expectorant
  3. Ginger Root-all around-also good for stomach upsets
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